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Secure your spot and get started today with our EXCLUSIVE offer!

Donyall Smith reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

Shout out to AKKA Olathe martial arts!!! 6 weeks ago I started fitness kickboxing, today I put on a pair of jeans 2 sizes smaller then I was previously wearing!!! Y'all should come join me at Olathe martial arts!!!

Denise Orrison Skinner reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

The owners care about each person as an individual. Confidence, growth, and perseverance are the cornerstones of their practice. My family has rarely had such a genuine experience.

Houston Dearing reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

I absolutely love AKKA it has great instructors that care for you and want tor be apart of. For me personally it is a great stress relief and I couldn't of gone to a better Dojo I love it and I intend to stay here. It's a great place for kid and adults!

Robert Hannah reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

I signed my 3 boys up in 2000 because I wanted them to learn self discipline and have more confidence. I joined a month later to share the experience. All 3 of my sons achieved the rank of Black Belt. One started at age 6 and earned 6 Black Belts. One earned the rank of 4th degree Black Belt. They all grew to be better men because of AKKA. They also went through the Boy Scout program. That is the 1- 2 punch of character building. I am still a student, teacher and proud member of this fine organization.

Geri Seavey reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

My 11 year old son was being picked on at school. I was looking for a place where he could gain self confidence but yet also balance that learning with self control. I was fortunate to find that with at AKKA Olathe Martial Arts. A year after my son started, my 6 year old daughter started and I didn't want to be left out. During our black belt tests my daughter lagged and struggled during a run. One of our fellow students (another student's father) picked her up on his back and carried her make to the finish as we were all determined to finish together. There's amazing comradery in the classes at AKKA. My children have grown into confident and successful young adults. The discipline and confidence they gained training was a big contributor. My thanks to all our instructors.

Greg Cole reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

The folks at AKKA Karate USA Olathe are top notch. I was greeted with a smile and felt at home right away. My long association with Mr Williams has always been one of encouragement and respect. He will go out of his way to be the kind of man that you can count on in any circumstance. I strongly believe that training at AKKA Karate USA Olathe will be a very profitable experience. Go Today and sign up.

Jami Applegate reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

AKKA has been a great addition for our son. Offering learning and discipline at the same time is what we were looking for. The instructors have been phenomenal at handling the kids which are all in the same age group but may have different skill levels allowing the kids to not only focus on improvement for themselves, but helping other kids learn too! Mr. Bradberry, Ms. Green and Mr. Clay have all shown their skills and knowledge of the sport which makes us comfortable and inspired that our child will be progressing at a pace they can handle. We enjoy being a part of the AKKA Karate group!

Gary Winchel reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

I have been a part of AKKA OLATHE for at least 6 years and my daughter trained there for about 3 years as well. The Instructors are top notch and truly care about everyone they teach.

I have not been able to train as much lately due to changes with my work schedule, but have honestly loved every minute that I have spent there.
I think this is a great school for anyone of any age to consider. If you want to get in better shape, build confidence or just learn more about self defense and martial arts, you should check them out!

Amy Leverknight reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

My son & I have been a part of the AKKA Karate Olathe family for nearly 2 years. But I just started training at the beginning of the year. I have since experienced for myself the amazing in class instruction by some pretty awesome instructors, but training doesn't stop there. They have instructional videos available for you to utilize outside of class to help perfect your techniques, because of them I felt more confident when it came to testing for my next belt. With diverse class times, i'm sure you'll have no trouble finding a time that will fit your schedule!!

Abby Baird reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

We have been part of the AKKA family for about 1.5 years. My sons initially joined after attending a birthday party and I fell in love with the staff. I can't say enough great things about the staff, they are supportive, fun and passionate about their jobs. Since then, I have joined and was surprised by how much I love it. Being an introvert, I was terrified to try something that put me in the spotlight but Karate has given me the confidence to come out of my shell. AKKA is not just any dojo, it is truly a family.

Trevor Anton Bruce reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

I don't currently attend but, I've always wanted to come back to my karate family. My father and I started together back in 1999 when I was about 5 years old. I stayed with it till I was about 16 and I thought I had better things to do. I'm now 24, wishing I had never left in the first place. The instructors and the atmosphere that they provide for the students, was above all one of the BEST experiences of my life. It wasn't just a place to go learn karate at. It was a home away from home, another place where I always felt welcomed. If there was an option for more than 5 stars, I would most definitely be trying to put 100 stars.

Rich Clauser reviewed AKKA Olathe Martial Arts
via Facebook

I've been a student of this school on and off for over 18 years now. The staff is knowledgeable and are great with kids. My son tested for his junior first degree black belt when I tested for my second degree black belt and those are memories that I'll always treasure. If you're looking for a true, well rounded, family oriented, martial arts school who doesn't put an emphasis on pushing through people to their next rank, regardless of whether or not they actually know the material, then this is the place for you.

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Easy and Vital Tips to Stay Safe on Halloween

Easy and Vital Tips to Stay Safe on Halloween
Ghosts, Goblins and Witches, oh my! The Halloween season brings a lot of fun
memories for people. They can find their favorite characters or alter egos and dress
up as other personas for a night. Taking children around the neighborhoods for candy
at night has become the American staple for Halloween traditions. There are also
social gatherings such as Halloween themed parties or dances that many people like
to attend. But, as with any party or social event, there is always a slight risk of
danger that women, in particular, should be aware of. As fun as Halloween can be,
going out late at night can place women in vulnerable situations. These are some tips
on how women can stay safe on Halloween and still have a great time:
Travel in Pairs
When people see a group of women or two friends attached at this hip, they can be
sure that these women will stay that way for the entire evening. It is important to
stay with a group or another person because they have someone looking out for their
well-being at all times.
Stay Aware of Surroundings
Looking around and identifying suspicious individuals or objects can mean the
difference between a good and bad situation. When people can observe all the nearby
surroundings, they are able to anticipate and/or avoid situations that can occur. For
instance, paying attention to suspicious vehicles parked down the street in the
neighborhood can prompt someone to call the police immediately. Or, eyeballing a
nearby exit in a crowded house party can alleviate the need to find one upon leaving
Have Emergency Numbers on Speed Dial
Another way for women to stay safe on Halloween is to keep emergency numbers on
speed dial. This prevents one from needing to dial numbers in any frantic situation. It
is also a good idea for women to hold onto their phones as they are walking to their
cars. Doing so will give them quick access to a call or text if anything were to occur at
that moment.
Stay in Well-Lit Areas
With Halloween, most events will likely happen in the evening. Trick-or-treating with
the kids or hanging out at a party will definitely be during the evening hours where it
is dark and riskier. Parking vehicles under bright lights or staying in well-lit
neighborhoods will help to reduce the chance for a dangerous circumstance.
Keep a Weapon
It does not necessarily have to be a gun or a bat, but having some type of weapon can
make women feel more empowered and ready for any situation. This could look like a
mace spray or her own fists. To feel more comfortable using these things, women
should enlist in some free or low-cost self-defense classes that will give them the
tools to defend themselves in vulnerable situations.
The spirit of Halloween can be fun and celebratory for women in many different ways.
Mothers get a chance to help their kids dress up and stroll neighborhoods in their
adorable costumes. Other women can play dress up themselves and attend parties to
socialize with their friends. As much fun as these types of things can be,
unfortunately, the dangers involved with these events will increase as well. So, it is
important that women follow some of these easy to follow tips to ensure a fun and
safe Halloween.