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Our Olathe Martial Arts Classes for Adults use Focus, Fitness and FUN to keep you Fit, Healthy, and Confident. Learn more about classes and see our Free Trial Offer:

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Get FIT, feel GREAT and Learn Real, Proven Self Defense Skills that could Save your LIFE.

Hey There! AKKA Karate USA is here to tell you, We know what it’s like. We have the same challenges you do: trying to eat right, get enough exercise, and have the confidence to keep it together, whether it’s on the street (knowing I can defend myself) or in my work or home relationships, in my hobbies, or anywhere else. Plus, we’re a parent, so we know EXACTLY what kind of pressure, stress and time restraints kids can put on these goals. We mean, we love them, and we personally wouldn’t change anything about my being a father, but there’s no arguing that kids can be rough on life (And your waistline. And your wallet. And…). If you’re a parent, you know exactly what we're talking about. What Olathe adults are quickly learning is that our Olathe Adult Martial Arts Classes are specifically designed for busy schedules just like yours. But more importantly, we’ve honed our programs over years and created something amazing that you won’t find anywhere else. Our programs are specifically designed to help YOU reach YOUR GOALS.  What good is a convenient schedule or a easy to get to location if you get to class and no one really cares about your needs or your success (if you’ve ever joined a regular fitness gym, you know EXACTLY what we’re talking about)?

Wait! Before You Go Further-

  • You Don't Need ANY Experience. Everyone Starts At the Beginning

  • Our Professional Instructors Know What You Need to Get on Track

  • It Isn't Boring, Repetitive Exercise. Your Body Won't Get "Used" to the Moves

  • The Group SettingAllows Students to Both Encourage and Hold Each Other Accountable

Don't Take It From Me! Listen to One of Our Members:

The staff not only honors the principles of the teachings of karate, but exemplifies and shows respect to others. A wonderful example of the art form.

Deborah Armster Winchel, (

It was always a dream of mine to learn karate. My father once told me “if you are going to do anything, do it right”. He told me to look up Kenpo and start there. I went down through the phonebook and looked up all the Karate/Kung Fu schools before finding AKKA Kenpo Karate. I thought there can’t be that much difference between hitting and kicking, and I didn’t want to drive a long ways. I found several schools less than 5 minutes away so I thought I would see what they taught. After finally going to the AKKA schools I knew why my dad said to learn Kenpo. Kenpo is more than just hitting or kicking. You learn lifelong values of not only how to protect yourself but how to be a better person at every level, every stage of your life. I highly recommend any of the AKKA Kenpo Karate Schools. Each instructor is top-notch and helps the students get the very best out of themselves and what they are being taught. They have everything from Tiny Tots classes all the way to seniors and family training, (something that is missing in today’s society). Even for you hardcore martial artists, I never understood my instructor for many years but now understand when he would say (look it’s there) and (yes) to a question. Forms, techniques, whether ground, standing up, restraints, holds, aerial kicks, punches ….it’s all there. Only you can hold yourself back and prevent yourself from learning. Kenpo itself is a complete martial art for self-defense, fitness, coordination, flexibility, self-confidence, stress relief and things such as honesty, courtesy, and respect for everyday life whether at home, in school, or at work…the list goes on. The staff and classmates are all one big family and are willing to help you grow. At first when I enrolled it was for me, than my wife started watching and eventually my 5yr old daughter were all participating, learning and having fun. Tournaments were especially a good time as we would schedule our vacations around those dates, giving us a chance to meet even more of our AKKA family in Arizona, Colorado and even Mexico. I especially want to thank Mr. Williams from the Olathe School and Mr. McDaniel from the Overland Park School for my training. That is one thing no-one can ever take away from me are the good times and my karate training. There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of someone or something that I have learned from these instructors. I also want to thank the other area AKKA schools and instructors in Kansas City. So if you ever had a desire to train in karate, or know someone who does… won’t be disappointed. As for me I will never go anyplace else! See you in class!

Dan Ridenour, (

Sounds Great - But How Do You Know If It Will Work For You?

Because We Use a Simple, 3 Step Success System:

Step #1: Fitness

Let’s be real. Our lives just aren’t setup for health. From being inundated with fast food to having work hours that barely allow for anything much less a workout routine, you need something that WORKS. Our Morristown adult martial arts classes work, and they work better than anything you’ve ever done before because you won’t get BORED. You’ll be challenged each class with new, exciting exercises that push you mentally and physically. In a matter of weeks you’ll see a REAL difference in the way you look and feel. There’s no question that working out in our class, with a group that CARES about you,means you can truly be successful.

Step #2: Focus

You tell your kids to do their homework and show them how to focus, but who’s helping YOU with YOUR focus? Our adult martial arts classes are BUILT around focus – it’s kind of our “thing”. Now, don’t get me wrong, you’re not joining the military. We’re not going to yell and scream at you or something. More like support you with appropriate challenges in an environment that facilitates growth of your already present, natural focus. Our adult martial arts students notice that within just a few weeks they notice more mental clarity and emotional control. Our goal is a better quality of life for our students!

Step #3: Fun!

Don’t deny it, we ALL like to have fun! But when was the last time your boss gave you “recess”? Fun is not sitting at your house like a couch potato watching mind-numbing TV. Fun is interacting with your peers, accomplishing your goals, and yeah, laughing and smiling while you do it. Now, we don’t really like “guarantees” because well, they just sound silly. But what we can definitely guarantee is that in every one or our martial arts classes, you’ll be sweating, smiling and learning.  You really just can’t beat that. We think you DESERVE a high energy, action packed activity that actually BENEFITS you as well. We’re not talking about a softball league or jogging down your neighborhood street.  We’re talking about a kick-butt, stress relieving, confidence inducing, muscle building, laugh producing, EMPOWERING workout that you didn’t even know existed.

So Don't Wait

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